Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3/20: Ocmulgee National Monument  has a visitor center/museum with exhibits describing the area from 10,000 BC to the early 1700s. There is a film that describes the area and the earthmounds and a trail outside to see them.

The CCC did construction of the visitors center and also the archeological dig.

There were 18 archeological sites in the Macon, GA area.

 Some of the artifacts are here at Ocmulgee, more are in the climate-controlled storage in the lower part of the building, but most (2.5 million objects) are at the National Park Service Southeast Archeological Center in Florida.

 Showing the layout of the community.

Their diet.

They had to be strong workers!

Moore's raid.

The view of the trail to the earthmounds from the visitor center. 

 Inside the earth lodge.

 Distinct features of the lodge were the bird of prey platform with 3 seats, a depressed fire pit, 47 seats around the wall. Four oak trees were used as corner posts.

 In 1843 and 1873 the railroad cut through the area.

 Railroad and bridge.

 Cornfield mound and prehistoric trenches.

 Great temple mound and steps up to it.

View from the top of the earth mound.

There was a park ranger "mowing" the grass when we were up there. We had to take a look at his remote mower. 

We took the path around the wetlands area to get a geocache.

There was a log full of turtles. They either saw us or heard us coming because they took off in the water really fast.

 Artifacts from the archeological dig from the funeral mound.

McDougal Mound is named after a captain of neighboring Ft. Hawkins who was buried here in 1809.

A handicapped car> 

The Dunlap house was taken over by the Union soldiers

Ft. Hawkins, which we couldn't see as it was closed.

A huge old tree. (See Curt at the bottom?)

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