Monday, February 24, 2014

New Mexico, February 14-17, 2014

Welcome to New Mexico

Very flat, and evidently can be dusty at times!


 Left, this is what a mirage must look like. Looks like a lot of water, but really none there.

 Visitor's Center

 Continental Divide

A little oversize load

I didn't think the trains "smoked" like that any more 

Right, we stopped at a very busy Walmart. Truckers were parking wherever, to go inside shopping. This guy was so close to us (in the driving lane) that we couldn't even open our door.

 Left, we watched my brother's/nephew's auction sale via internet on our TV.

Right, while staying at Walmart, Curt helped a fellow RVer with engine issues

 State prison

Drink more milk and eat more ice cream 

 because there's huge dairy farms in the area

February 13-14, Arizona

 Not sure what's on the hills on the left.

 On the right, a Roadrunner that started crossing the road, but changed his mind and went back

 Casino Del Sol, Tucson, free parking. It sounds like they can stay the winter months. There were a lot of RVs there.

It was Valentine's Day and there were corner shops all through town

 A huge Air National Guard area
Like the layering on the left pic

No more flat desert area

 A small area with strange rock formations

 Pecan and walnut trees above and left

 Back to the flat, blowing land