Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12/31/13:  The rest of the days at Borrego Springs were pretty nice. We did some hiking;  it's really deceiving as to how far away the hills are, and how far you can actually see. The town is supposedly 7 miles from where we are parked and we can see it fine. We had to drive back to town a couple of times until we finally got our mail and packages. It’s a busy little town at Christmas season.  We spent Christmas there; at night a few of the RVs had Christmas lights up outside.

On the 26th we went to Oasis Palms RV Park in Oasis, CA. We had full hookups so I was able to do laundry and then spent time baking and cooking. Curt washed both the jeep and RV and partially waxed the RV, but ran out of wax.  We had video time with our kids and granddaughters for Christmas, but our internet was so slow it didn’t work very good. We did get to see them off and on though, so it was fun. The campground accepts Passport America, it was $20/night for full hookups and 50 amp. They have a swimming pool, showers/rest room, laundry, meeting room. There were grapefruit, orange and lemon trees, and some date trees. They’re trying to keep the grass growing (which is nice to see in the desert). It’s a nice park, but it’s right beside the highway and there is constant traffic noise, day and night.

We spent a night at Spotlight 29 Casino in Indio (free) and then moved on to Joshua Tree National Park. We’re parked on BLM landnear the south entrance and plan on spending a week or so here, until we have to dump tanks and get water again. We’ll be heading on toward Quartzsite, AZ for the RV show the middle of January.

 View of the campers, to the east
View toward town, to the west
 Upper middle of pic, there's a coyote that we scared away
We weren't sure what this was, but it looked like there's tarps over it. We decided not to go near.
sand had blown on to the road near town
more metal sculptures

that's our jeep beside the scorpion - kind of small in comparison
these metal men are taking care of a vineyard

an old vineyard that apparently didn't make it

Ocotillo tree (and me)

the camper, about 2 miles away

The "badlands", just over the hill we hiked to

that's town, 7 miles (by highway)
long-eared black-tail jackrabbit, he moves fast

Salton Sea in the background

More boondocking areas, also lots of dune buggies there

Very sandy area
Salton Sea
quite the mural

haven't seen a Spanish-only board before

where the workers live
Oasis Palms RV Park, Oasis, CA

my girls, hanging out in the kitchen with me
Pizzelles, traditional Christmas cookie
lemons in the park
oranges, lots of seeds and strong flavor
Ruby Red grapefruit

Some type of a date tree

Date tree in the park

The park is right by the highway, lots of traffic day and night

more farm workers

Date and fruit orchard

Farmer's market

Spotlight 29 Casino, special parking lot for RV and for trucks, free

 CA is a very expensive state for fuel

 starting out at 164 feet

 Climbing a long hill, 2.4 mph, not nice
 climbed to 1652 ft
 going down...255 mpg, I like this mileage!

 very rocky area here

BLM land at the south entrance to the park, that we can camp at.

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