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12/21/13: On Monday, December 16th, we got to Borrego Springs, CA. There are some boondocking areas and OHV trails and Anza Borrego State Park. This is the largest state park in California with, I believe I read, over 600,000 acres. Some of the RV blogs we follow had written that they really like this place, so we figured we’d see what it’s like. The boondocking area we’re in, they call it Clark’s Dry Bed. It is right by the mountains, which is nice, but this is a very windy valley. We’ve put the slides in twice since the 16th. It is 7 miles from the town of Borrego Springs, and you also have to drive a distance for any hiking (other than hiking in the desert). We're close to the highway because we wanted to find an area with Verizon coverage so we have phone and internet. There are only 3 TV channels that we can get, and they're Spanish. I'm thinking I'm going to have to learn that yet.

We went to town on Tuesday to mail some packages and see if we could get our mail sent general delivery, which we can. Friday they had a farmers market which had some vegetables I didn’t even know what they were, and grapefruit and oranges from the orchards here. I did get some garden peas and some strawberries though. They are so good. The farmers market is held in the “Christmas Circle”. It’s the town park where they have green grass and a little stage. We drove around town to see what it was like. It’s not an old run-down town like so many small southern ones are. They have some very nice houses. There are a few resorts and a couple golf courses. There are grapefruit and orange orchards. There aren’t any franchise shopping stores or fast-food places. There are a couple of their own town stores and restaurants. The only big names I recognized were Napa and True Value.

Today we went in to check if our mail was in, according to the tracking information it should be, but anything that was received today wasn’t sorted though yet, so we’ll have to go back on Monday. We passed a fruit stand that had oranges and tangelos and grapefruit and I got a 9 lb bag of tangelos for $3, which is an awesome price. In the store they’d probably be $10. Payment was on the honor system.  From there we did some geocaching and taking pictures of metal sculptures.

Borrego Springs, at the base of the hills

our desert parking spot
we had a couple of windy days, you can see the sand/dust in the backgrouond

coyote walking not far from us one morning, crossed the highway and kept going
we were parked about 20 minutes and saw a hummingbird fluttering around our windows, so we got the feeder out - think they're spoiled?
Grapefruit, orange and tangelo orchards
fruit stand, on honor system, $3 a bag. The sign said dates too, but there weren't any
Christmas Circle, their city park
Farmer's market Friday mornings. Got some peas and strawberries - they are so good!

one of the golf courses

Dennis Avery, land owner of Galleta Meadows Estates in Borrego Springs, envisioned the idea of adding “free standing art” to his property.  Avery commissioned Ricardo Breceda of Perris, California, to create the metal sculptures you see today. There are roughly 130 of them.

350 foot serpent
part of the serpent is on both sides of the road

jeep with 2 people inside
 lots of detail

From Salton Sea to Borrego Springs: Lots of irrigation again, farming, bales, a date tree farm, mandatory checkpoint, and lots of desert. 

 don't know what the crops are here

 date trees
 Border patrol mandatory checkpoint

 Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, over 600,000 acres
 desert and mountains

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