Monday, May 13, 2013

05/13/2013, Monday:  Today we are at Premiere RV in Junction City, Oregon, getting some work done on our RV.  Driving up to their buildings isn't very impressive; older buildings, and no RV’s of any kind setting outside, not much for signage. We found out all of their RVs are inside the buildings and this is the old Monaco plant site; so our RV has come home.

We spent the last two days at Valley River Center Mall parking lot in Eugene, Oregon. Free parking for two nights and a security guard drives around. There’s a walking/biking trail along the river next to it that I walked for a little bit by myself. The river is kind of gross in areas, slimy.  People were rafting and fishing in the larger areas. It's a very busy biking area.

Last week we stayed at Umpqua Golf & RV Resort in Sutherlin, Oregon. We met up with my brother and drove through the Wildlife Safari (something we wouldn’t necessarily do on our own because of cost). One day we toured a sawmill and plywood plant, and an EWP (engineered wood products) plant. They were interesting and a lot of walking. At the EWP plant it was very clean, mostly automated, few employees. We had headphones on so the guy was able to talk to us as we were walking (noisy). At the saw mill/plywood plant it was not clean, lots of employees and we had to wear ear plugs (noisy) and hard hats and the guy had to stop in areas to talk to us. It was interesting though, seeing how the bark is taken off and processes of gluing things together, etc. We were at each one for almost two hours; huge places.  We also went to a fish ladder. At their dam is an area for the salmon to jump up for spawning. That was interesting too as we had never seen anything like that, and probably wouldn’t have if my brother hadn’t taken us there.

a few of the animals

the fish ladder

Curt had ordered parts for our AquaHot heater to be sent to the RV park, and also we had our mail sent. With priority shipping, and tracking, we were suppose to get them both on Thursday.  Yeah, well…we got the parts on Friday and our mail on Saturday. The mail was somewhere between Portland and Sutherlin (165 miles or so) for two days. Who knows, at least we got it. Sutherlin is a really small town, but it took a long time to find a grocery store to buy some bread and milk.

Other than that, not much has been new with us this week. We enjoyed spending time with my brother and sister-in-law and seeing the sites. Once we’re finished at Premiere RV, we need to find an Alison dealer for transmission check and price out a dash cover at an upholstery shop.

And to my kids and granddaughters – thank you for the e-card, FaceTime and phone calls for Mother’s Day!

these 2 lived in a motor home

that's traveling in style!

for Dean and Valerie

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