Saturday, April 13, 2013

04/13/2013, Saturday:  One year ago today we left Dickinson and left our “old life” behind. It doesn’t seem like it’s been a whole year, but as I see my granddaughters on FaceTime or Google, I see they’ve both grown up a lot.  Who would’ve thought a year ago we would have driven thousands of miles and gone through 24 states. We’ve seen the ocean on the east coast, beautiful mountains and desert. We’ve had rain from 2 hurricanes, snow from a blizzard and was even near 2 earthquakes (small enough that we didn’t know about it). We’ve been really lucky as far as the weather we’ve been in and having no accidents. We’ve been able to keep in touch with family with computer and cell phones. We’ve been in some nice campgrounds and ones we wouldn’t go back to. We’ve been overnight at Walmarts that were very safe and others that we left. We’ve learned a lot over this year, but there’s still so much more about this journey to learn and enjoy. We’ve learned to drive less and enjoy things more! 

To another safe year on the road...

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