Thursday, February 21, 2013

02/21/2013, Thursday:  Ahhh, the feeling of tax paperwork done and ready to go to the accountant…I like that. I’ve never enjoyed getting everything ready for taxes, but this year I must say it was much easier.  I scanned everything in, including the W2’s, etc and will be e-mailing it tomorrow in a zip file.

We’re at a resort (basically a campground in the desert) near Salome, AZ, Desert Vista RV Resort, about 35 miles northeast of Quartzite. It’s Passport America so it’s only $15.69 a night with full hookups. The power is good, but the wifi is Tengo internet service which you have to pay for. The park has a deal with Tengo for 1 hour a day free, which seems to work better than our FoxFi does for some reason. We have good cell service, but the internet, not so much. And we can’t get any TV channels either. It “depends on where you are in the park”. The park has about 100 sites, about 5 acres, but we’re in the wrong spot evidently. Most of the people of satellite, but there’s some with TV antennas up. They also have orange, grapefruit and lemon trees to pick from! I picked an orange yesterday that was overripe. The manager said that the fruit isn’t as good due to the frost, but some said the grapefruits were really sweet.

We decided to come to the campground to get our mail forwarded and catch up on laundry and do some baking. We got the W2s and 1099s, etc in the mail so that’s why I figured I may as well get the taxes out of the way.  It’s $1.25 to use the washer and the dryer each in the laundry here. I used their washer and dryer for some of the heavier things like towels and jeans and then used our washer/dryer for other things. It took me all day to wash and dry things. Yesterday I spent the day baking. This convection oven is different than the other one we had, but seemed to work okay. I did 3 batches of chocolate chips cookies, 1 loaf of banana bread and 2 loaves of bread machine bread. Lots of stuff in our freezer! Made chicken & rice in the oven and today meatballs and potatoes in the crockpot. I love electricity and water and sewer! We had grilled tilapia and catfish last week in the desert. Have to play around with the seasoning for those.

Our new home is feeling more like home, but still trying to find things we packed someplace or other. It uses diesel or electricity for everything except the burners on the stove, which are propane. Our old one had a fridge that we could change over from propane to electric, but this is a residential fridge which is electric. So our diesel consumption is going to be more when we have to run the generator (diesel) to regenerate batteries. Curt’s been working on something daily that needs fixing or cleaning, or just trying to use the TVs. We did manage to get the main TV working in the desert, got a couple of channels at least, but here we can’t get anything. It’s an old TV, so we’ll have to replace it eventually for more channels unless we get satellite.

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