Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I should have ended the 2012 year with a final blog on 12/31/2012, which I forgot to do. So, today is January 1, 2013 - Happy New Year!

My last entry was on Christmas Day. We were near Roswell, NM at a campground. The campground is pretty small, so I had to get inventive to do walking for any length of time. I went around the area, in and out of the empty pads, etc. We did go to Roswell one day to visit the "alien places". I think we were expecting more. Roswell is an old town, not well kept up in places we were driving. We went to Alien Zone, which is a gift store of alien items, but also has two areas that you can take pictures with aliens. There was a couple in there with a little girl about a year old and she didn't want anything to do with the pictures. After that we went to the museum which has a lot of documentary information regarding the Roswell incidents and other space things and a gift shop. We stopped at an antique store next door which was interesting to see what items they felt was "antique". There are a lot of buildings in Roswell that have a "green alien" in front of or on their buildings. We went to the free zoo; they have an antique carousel that I wanted to see and do some geocaching. The zoo is open year-round, but the carousels were closed up in a building. So I walked through some of the area and took pictures of the animals that decided to be outside. I didn't get any caches as there were people around in the specific places to be.

We got the backup camera from UPS and Curt put that in and after a bit got that working. Good!

12/29/12: Before we left today, we did a webcam Christmas gift opening with all of the kids with Google+. It worked out well for viewing, but the volume was real low, so we'll have to find a mic to add to it for next time. It's always fun to see the kids and grandkids and pets. On the way to Alamogordo we stopped at the Billy the Kid Visitor Center.

12/30/12:  From Alamogordo to Las Cruces, we stopped at White Sands National Monument. We could see the white sands area from quite a distance because of the color. We had been to some sand dunes when we were traveling through Michigan. We were expecting the White Sands to be like that. They are not as white as we thought it would be, but then it would have been brighter if the sun would have been out and not a cloudy day. The sand dunes in Michigan are huge and take forever to climb; these sand dunes are just small hills. If we hand't seen the other ones, we probably would have been more impressed. There's a gift shop there that sells round plastic sleds that kids and adults were trying to slide down the hills with. I did convince Curt to climb up one with me to take pictures. From there we went to Leasburg Dam State Park. This is about 15 miles north of Las Cruces. We hadn't made reservations, but we hadn't had to so far with any of the state parks. There was only one spot left, and it was not  reservable and could only be in for one night. The campground host told us that we could call in the morning to see if any of the other spots could be reserved tomorrow, but the reservation center and visitor center were both closed today. She said that one of the campers that had just come in before us was leaving in the morning and we could probably get their spot.

12/31/12: I tried calling the reservation center around 8:00, but got a recording that they weren't open until 10:00. I called about 10:10 and was told that there were no openings for the next two days. Somebody beat me by 10 minutes? Since Las Cruces is a bigger city, I decided to get my blood work done here so I can get my medications refilled too. I called one one of the clinics and she said just to have my doctor call in an order and that would work. So I called my clinic at home and got the ball rolling for that. I was going to have my blood work done yet today (I hadn't eaten yet). Curt mentioned maybe I should find out if the insurance will pay for all of it or if it will be going to my deductible. If it goes to the deductible, then I may as well wait for the new year. I called BCBS and they said it would go to my deductible, so I ate. (It was about 1:30 by the time the nurse had called me back.) We went to Coachlight Inn & RV Park in Las Cruces for the next two nights. They have openings and accept Passport America. It's behind a motel, kind of like a parking lot with hookups, but it's a place to stay. We'll stay here for two nights and head out on Wednesday, the 2nd, to keep going west.

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