Sunday, January 13, 2013

1/13/13, Sunday: Got a lot of scanning done this week, started on tax paperwork. We went to Casa Grande twice and did some shopping and driving around. Shopping like in Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe's. (Where else?) I think Curt misses his tools and trailer.

There's so many old run-down buildings out of town and in town. We're still amazed at the thousands of Holsteins at the dairies. Also more cotton. I always thought desert was just sand, but there's a lot of rocks too. I don't know how the crops grow in it; if they bring in topsoil, or just the irrigation. We walked behind the campground today; Curt took pictures with his new lens. There's a large desert area, not sure who it belongs to, but there's open gates in to it from the campground. Lots of bike and 4-wheeler trails. There's also old backpacks and water bottles and clothes, a bike. Hmm.

Arizona - flat, desert with cactus, mountains, cactus on mountains, dry air, sunshine. So far we've  been lucky that we haven't been in any dust storms.

We'll be moving on toward Quartszite tomorrow. First, we're going to have the oil changed in the RV. Curt has been trying to find the oil he used in ND, but hasn't found until now. And then there's the issue of where do you change oil? He found a business near Casa Grande that will do it at a good price and has the oil he wants, so we'll do that right away tomorrow morning. Then we need to find out how the BLM camping works, places, etc. Arizona is having a cold spell now, the longest one they've had in 30 years. Really?  Later this week it is suppose to get up to the 70's for a high; today it's 48. So, we'll learn the boondocking secrets, hopefully, and keep warm and hydrated and see if we have to get a solar system or new house batteries.

cotton bales
 cotton processing

lots of graffiti - in fact it's so bad that the spray paint is locked up at Walmart!
 dairy cattle
golf course

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