Wednesday, January 30, 2013

01/30/2013, Wednesday:   We moved to LaPosa South, a long term visitor area, yesterday. We paid $40 for 14 days stay, and have dump and water here. There are a lot less people now than when we drove through last week.   There were a lot of people leaving the area we had been in too. We waited in line for about a half hour to dump our tank; there's only 2 dump stations. Filling water was no problem, there are 8 faucets. They shut the water off from 6 PM to 8 AM daily as there were a lot of people coming in to get water and dump during the night that weren't suppose to be. We have a sticker on our vehicles so they know we paid until 2/11. But people drive in and out all day; I don't see how they can keep track of who is legal or not. There are 4 long-term areas, only 1 with the dump and water. So people can come in from the other 3 areas also. It's on the honor system. Kind of like not burning your trash and not emptying your grey water tank; we saw both of them last week.

We've been looking at motorhomes the past week. There's new ones and used ones all over. It's fun to see the expensive ones and how fancy they get. Can't quite imagine some of them. We've been figuring out how much we have to stick in to ours to  fix some things and if we want to add extra batteries and solar and satellite.  Do we keep adding to an old home that won't gain any more in value or trade?  

When we drove in to LaPosa trying to find a place to park, we saw a sign that said ATTENTION: BEYOND THIS SIGN YOU MAY ENCOUNTER NUDE SUNBATHERS. Okay, really? I realize Arizona is warm, but this is winter time. We stayed out of that area by the way. But evidently we are close enough that you can see nude people walking around this morning.We're probably about a block away from the nearest one. It is about 11:30 now, maybe 65 degrees. I think we may be moving some other place within the next 14 days! 

It rained last week; we were wondering what the desert would be like when it rained because there's washouts and runoffs all over. It doesn't soak in right away like regular areas. There were puddles all over. And it doesn't smell good either. I love the smell of rain, but not here. Evidently the creosote bush makes it stink when it gets rained on.  

This is the beginning of the dump tank line

It was almost always 8 in line
 People filling water in all kinds of containers
 You can stay long term in this area for 7 months. You can add things, as long as they're not permanent.

 Yup, really...
 Our sunset last night

These 2 greyhounds are for Dean and Valerie!

 These are sales people just waiting for you to come

 I took a picture of this because we had seen the TV show "Shark Tank" a couple of weeks ago and these food tents were on the show!

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