Thursday, November 15, 2012

11/15/12, Thursday: I didn't realize Kentuckians had an accent, but we've got the you-all and everything that we're not used to. We were at Natural Bridge State Resort Park for one night; they closed the next day. But we were able to hike to the Natural Bridge and down into Devil's Gulch. The calves of my legs still hurt. It's not so much the miles, I think it was only 2, but the steps straight up and down. The next morning we drove to the Red River Gorge area and hiked a few short trails to see some of the arches and rocks. Those were easy except for the fact some were close to cliff edges. And one bad part of hiking in the fall is that leaves are all over the trails, so if they're not marked real well or hiked a lot, you're not always sure where you're going.

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