Monday, November 12, 2012

11/12/12, Monday: Waiting for the rain to quit again. We've had over half an inch of rain today. We were going to  head to Natural Bridge State Resort Park, but since it was raining so hard and was really windy, Curt felt he'd rather wait until tomorrow.

We are at Kentucky Horse Park Campground near Lexington, Kentucky. Definitely a change in scenery. We lost our mountains and have rolling plains and cattle and horse ranches. The campground is next door to the Kentucky Horse Park, so we went to see that yesterday. I think that would be a fun place earlier in the year when they have horse shows and more going on. We were able to go through barns and there were 2 events to meet people/horses, but the races or shows have quit for the year. There's 2 museums there and some statues of famous horses; even a cemetery.

They're decorating for Christmas

Some horses make a lot of money


English Shire 



Man O'War statue and he is buried there
along with some of his children

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