Friday, November 9, 2012

11/09/12: Friday: It's been a long 10 days waiting for mail. I called Barboursville post office every morning asking if our general delivery mail came in; no. Then I would call The UPS Store in Dickinson to see if they received it back yet; no. Today we decided we can't wait forever; it may never come.  We called the motor vehicle department to find out how to get a duplicate registration card and new tabs, so we got that started. We went on to Morehead, Kentucky Lowe's to catch up on internet stuff and then will go to Walmart for the night.  Morehead is about 60 miles from Barboursville, so if we have to go back tomorrow, it won't take so long. After we got to Lowe's, we got a phone call from The UPS Store, and our mail was sent back to them. Yay!!!! I told her to hang on to it until we get to a new campground and will have them send it again; this time with tracking numbers.

In the last 10 days we've stayed various places, thinking we'd only have to be in town for a couple of days. Obviously that wasn't happening, so we went to Beechfork State Park, about 10 miles from Barboursville. There I did baking, cleaning, cooking and we went did some hiking and a little driving around. Curt was able to get on the internet off and on tethering his phone, but cell service was spotty. We were able to get television service believe it or not.  The weather has been nice, so being outside in the sun felt good.  Two nights it got pretty cold out and the water in the hose froze. (We had full hookups for only $22/night.)

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