Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012:  We just checked into Beaver Hollow Campground at Ossipee, NH, another Passport America campground. Yup, we're back in New Hampshire already. As we've been searching campgrounds,  we're finding that a lot of them in the northern/eastern part of the country close October 15th. So, instead of going all the way up and back from Acadia National Park, which would be another 400 miles or so, we just decided to start heading back. The trees are really pretty; some red, yellow and still greens. Interesting some trees already dropping their leaves. Near Beaver Hollow is the White Mountain National Forest and Castle in the Clouds which we plan on going to; hopefully not raining.

Monday we went south of Wells, along the coastline, and found a beach area to walk on. There were some kids running in the water (don't know why they weren't in school), but the water was too cold for me to walk in in my opinion. We saw Nubble Lighthouse. It was free, but we couldn't go on the island itself where the lighthouse is. Got lots of pictures. It's a really pretty area. The huge rocks are amazing around here. Tour buses all over. Fort McClary, an old fort, was open, and it was free also. Kind of nice not being around tourist season for some things. We went to Kittery Trading Post, which is much like Cabela's but I think it is more into guns and hiking. Even though there is a lot of everything. It's two levels also like Cabela's, but doesn't have near as many animals.

Tuesday we went north up to South Portland and then back along the coastline. We saw Portland Head Light lighthouse at Fort Williams Park at Cape Elizabeth. Again, huge rocks. It was a fort, so there's still some blocks leftover from buildings. Everything was free again (nice!) Lots of tour buses again. We stopped at Scarborough at Len Libby Chocolatier. They have a life-sized moose made of chocolate.  That's probably the only moose we'll see! We stopped at Kennebunkport and walked around. We had been there back in 2007 with Dean and Valerie, and  remembered a lot of the area, and found the ship, Eleanor, that they had a ride in. Lots of road construction.

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