Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/22/2012, Wednesday: Left Mathews Arm Campground  in the Shenandoah National Park this morning after we dumped and filled water. We stayed one more night than planned, but had our mail sent to Luray so picked that up yesterday and went through it. In the past week we've driven on Skyline Drive, driven around Luray and some of the mountain roads and went to the Civil War re-enactment with Dean and Valerie. They came up for the day on Saturday. It was a fun day and we got a cache for National Geocaching Day and 4 smashed pennies. The weather has been beautiful all week, other than raining every afternoon/evening. It gets cool at night. We did have a campfire the last two nights; the wood was still wet, but we were able to cook the hamburgers and potato packs. Yum.

When we checked into the campground, there's a sign there stating it is "Bear Country" and to make sure your food is put away. Well, needless to say, we didn't see any bears.. We did see deer and squirrels, lots of butterflies; but no bears in any of our travels yet.

We're in Front Royal, Virginia tonight at Lowe's (thanks for the guest wifi!). We can't stop at a Lowe's or Walmart without going in...(I'm writing this blog as Curt is in Lowe's). We're going to head toward Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. There's a town on the way Curt wants to get front tires for the Jeep. We have a nail in one and they're getting pretty smooth. We talked about this when we left; guess it's time now.  There's a couple Passport America campgrounds in the general area that we'll try to get in to.

It's kind of strange schedule at all. Before we were working our way to Virginia to Dean's. Now we've got nothing to schedule other than to go south before it snows! So if we want to sit and do nothing for a day, or if we want to go sight-seeing, or if we want to travel, we can. I still feel like I'm on vacation, a nice, long one. :)

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  1. Go south?? You are already south!

    I can make a schedule for you... lots of places I want to see! Or you could come visit us!

    And what could you possibly need in Lowe's all the time... you don't have a house! :)