Wednesday, June 13, 2012

6/07:  Thursday. Left the campground around noon and got to Dean's a couple of hours later. Pretty warm outside. We're not sure if we can plug in at his house; could be pretty warm inside too. Let the construction begin.

6/06: Wednesday. We stayed at R-D Family Campground, Milford, Virginia for the evening. Have about 60 miles to get to our son's place. We found out we can park in front of their house, so that will help a lot. It's almost impossible to find a reasonably priced campground near him. R-D Campground is a Passport America campground, also Good Sams. It is pretty old, washboard roads. We were leery of the electricity but tested it and plugged in and it was okay until the air conditioner kicked in; then everything died. Curt got it going again, but we weren't able to run the air conditioner with the hot water heater on, or much else. Very low water pressure. They have a rule that you can't wash your vehicles or use your washing machine. (They've got a laundry room.) There was road construction down the road until dark, and then right away in the morning.  Dogs barking. They had good reviews, but we won't stay there again.

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