Sunday, April 22, 2012

4/21 - Lampasas TX.  I think almost every town in Texas (at least every other one) has a Walmart. This Walmart even sells fabric in their store. Haven't seen that for a while. We tried geocaching but had issues with the GPS, so spent some time going through the book and trying to reset things. It's a lot drier the more south we go. Must be in the area that was in the drought last year. We see more cattle (even got a picture of the longhorns), goats, sheep. There a lot of butterflies. We've seen more Dairy Queens. Mustang and VW bugs are popular. There's Dollar stores in every town. Many people down south smoke.  We noticed that in Arkansas already. Another Texas thing seems to be a gate entrance to their land/home - whether it be a regular gate to something fancy like brick/stones.

4/22 - Decided to go on to Kerrville since we're this close and we were able to get a reservation at the rally price. Passed a lot of motorhomes going the opposite direction, hmmm. Getting more hilly, but still dry. Passed some wineries on the way, might have to go back to them this week. Got to Buckhorn Lake Resort and registered, set up. Howard from RV-Dreams came over to invite us to their camper to visit with others. We got on the internet and had supper, then went over for a while to meet people.

You can see that I was taking pictures with a lot of bugs on the windshield.

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