Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Lewis & Clark State Park Camp Host weekend #5

There is no theme this weekend; Juliet, the interpreter, is gone and summer is winding down. This is our last weekend here. It’s much quieter than last weekend. The park is now on a first- come first-serve basis. I believe the only reservations taken are for the cabins. It’s a little busier for us as not everyone knows how they're suppose to be registering, if a ranger will be coming, if we take their money, etc. So we’ve had quite a few people knocking on our door. During the marina office hours people can register there, but it seems like a lot of people don’t know they’re suppose to stop there.

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The water level has gone done a lot in the past month. (First picture was a month ago.)

Zach asked if we could work on a special project this week – redoing the benches in the amphitheater. We replaced the boards with composite boards.

Also, working on firepits.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Lewis & Clark State Park Camp Host Weekend #4

This weekend is Labor Day weekend and the theme is Firsts and Lasts.  At the amphitheater Juliet talked about Lewis & Clark’s achievements that were done for the first time in America, and also some of the last things. For the kids activity on Saturday, they made journals to keep track of firsts for them, things to improve on, etc. On Labor Day, we took the last day of summer hike.

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During the week, Juliet hosted a Mommy and Me morning. The last time she did this I think she had about 6 people. This time there were 40! They made butterflies, read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar, painted a picture with pudding, and had pudding and fruit for snacks. It was a busy morning with lots of active children.

The campground was full this weekend and very busy. Lots of people on the water and in the water. They had the treat truck in the evenings and the kids loved that! Two days we had burn bans but there were some people that had propane fire pits and they really looked realistic. There was one beautiful night for real campfires and we sold a lot of firewood.

This is my relaxation when I found out we can hide rocks here.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Lewis & Clark State Park Camp Hosting week 3

This weekend’s theme was Water We Don’t See. Juliet explained about the different types of clouds and, with some volunteers, she showed how to make clouds and evaporation. Saturday was a game of the cycles of water and Sunday we checked to see how clean (or dirty) our water can be. We didn’t have clouds Friday, only a few Saturday, but rained most of Sunday.

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More tree cutting this week.

One windy day, there were some kayakers that overturned and made their way back to our beach. I bet they were cold! A boy scout troop was cleaning litter from the beach.