Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A few hours in Washington, DC

We went to DC with our son and daughter-in-law on the VR (Virginia Railway) early one morning. As they went to work, we walked around the National Mall and Tidal Basin area. We went back home around 12:45. Who would have thought we could make almost 20,000 steps in five hours just sightseeing outside?

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National Mall Map-1  

It was a little late for the full cherry blossom bloom, but there were still plenty to take pictures of!  

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Some history in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, VA is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia and is approximately 98 miles south of Washington, DC.  In 2015 the population was estimated to be 220,289. The history of Richmond dates to the early 17th century, and is crucial to the development of the colony of Virginia, the American Revolutionary War and the Civil War. (Information per Wikipedia).

We stopped at the Walmart at Glen Allan, a northern suburb, and parked the motorhome and took the jeep downtown. I had called the manager ahead of time for approval.  It would have been a nightmare taking the motorhome to some of the places.

The first place we went was the Virginia Holocaust Museum. It is free will donation, two floors of displays. They give you a booklet to follow through the displays when you come in. There is a movie and throughout the displays are areas where survivors are talking on screen. It is very interesting.

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We stopped at the Richmond National Battlefield Park Chimborazo Visitor Center which houses a medical museum. There is a movie and a couple of rooms of displays.  

Richmond National Battlefield Park Visitor Center at the Historic Tredegar Civil War Center. They are in two separate buildings. It is free to go into the National Park Service building. At the Tredegar Civil War Center, there is an entrance fee. Both were only open until 5:00, and we got about 4:00, so we went with the National Park Service self tour.  

On the way back to Walmart, we saw part of Monument Avenue. There are beautiful architectural buildings in the area.

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North Carolina


North Carolina has a very diverse economy because of its great availability of hydroelectric power, its pleasant climate, and its wide variety of soils. The state ranks third among the South Atlantic states in population, but leads the region in industry and agriculture. North Carolina leads the nation in the production of tobacco, textiles and furniture. (Per Wikipedia)

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We spent a night in Aberdeen, NC and also Roanoke Rapids, NC Walmarts with permission. They both have nice size lots with room for larger RVs. There were other RVs at both places. 

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