Friday, April 28, 2017

Welcome to Ohio and some Amish country

Since we were coming in to Ohio on some little road, there was, of course, no Welcome to Ohio sign. It didn’t even have striping on the road! 

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Lots more farmland, more green, and more rain. There was water setting in the fields in many places in the western side of the state.

We stopped in New Philadelphia, and picked up some brochures regarding the Amish tourism in that area. Sugarcreek has a small area they call their Swiss Village, and it has the world’s largest cuckoo clock. 

We drove through the countryside (in our Jeep) hoping to see the Amish buggies and took a tour of Yoder’s Amish Home.  

We were able to stay at the New Philadelphia Walmart overnight. The next day we took highway 39 to Mansfield and drove through some of the small communities along the highway. We stopped at a large flea market, but it was pretty much like some cheap items we had seen when we were in Quartzsite; disappointing. There were only a few Amish items there. 

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Thursday, April 27, 2017


Into Pennsylvania we find timber, more rolling hills, less budding trees, more farmland.

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We stayed at the Altoona, PA Walmart/Sam’s Club, with permission. We were at the end of the lot near Sam’s Club and a Primanti Bros. restaurant, who had free guest wifi we were able to use. Leaving Altoona, we started climbing in elevation, and kept climbing. We started at 865 feet and within a half hour climbed to 2377 feet.   

We didn’t want to get close to Pittsburgh, so took some secondary roads; some which we probably shouldn’t have been on. (Blame my phone!) This was right before crossing into Ohio. 

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland–through two of the states in a matter of minutes!


After spending time with our sons and daughter-in-law, we’re on the road again, working our way to Minnesota and North Dakota. The route we’re taking only cuts into a little corner of West Virginia and Maryland before going into Pennsylvania, so we were through them in a matter of minutes!

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