Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Grand Village of the Natchez Indians

We went to the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians today. There is a museum and gift shop, with a 7-minute movie. The grounds area has two large open plaza areas and three earth mounds and informational signs.

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French Colonial descriptions of the Grand Village focus on the Great Sun’s Mound and the Temple Mound, each about eight feet high. Those two mounds have been excavated and rebuilt to their original sizes and shapes. Little is known about the third mound.



Upon the death of the Sun (leader), his wives and retainers were strangled with due ceremony to accompany him into the next life. His house was burned and the mound raised to a new height upon which the house of his successor was erected. So much for that family history!


Admission and parking are free.  They are open 9-5 Monday through Saturday, 1:30 – 5 Sundays.

For more pictures of the area and the information signs, please click here.

IMG_4692  IMG_4693  IMG_4694

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