Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lewis and Clark State Park weekend #3

We went to Williston Wednesday morning to pick up a few groceries and stop at The Salvation Army (they were selling books 3/$1.) So many oil businesses all over. We’re keeping busy, having fun. Meeting a lot of people, full-timers, vacationers and weekenders and from many states. 

This weekend was Christmas in July weekend. The Friends of Lewis and Clark State Park put this on and get sponsors for prizes. Anyone can decorate their camping site and they have prizes for first ($100), second ($75), third ($50) and people’s choice ($75). Curt and I were two of the judges, as we didn't know anyone here or who had won last year. It ended up the same person won as last year, and also got people’s choice. They had a Christmas tree made up with fishing poles, plus other cute things at their site. Some had lots of lights or lots of the blow-up decorations. 

There was bingo, tattoos, games and crafts for the kids, hot dog lunch and Christmas cookies. Some bible school students helped with the crafts and games; they were really good with the kids. Cecil Family Farm Pumpkin Patch gave train rides. Oh, Santa Claus came too! 

Another fun weekend! And, of course, more pictures. Please click here to see them. Scroll down for the most current.


  1. Nice to meet you and Curt! and thanks for including us on your email list! Safe Travels! Ed and Marti Kirkpatrick