Monday, July 11, 2016

Little Missouri State Park–weekend #4

It’s much slower now, with a few campers here and there, so less cleaning. Once the big group left after last weekend, we cleaned out fire pits and picked up litter and cleaned the leftover hay and manure out of the corrals and off of the grass and road. We had a horse camper near us, and some horse campers on the bottom non-electric sites this weekend. There was a camper near the shower house. A few hikers came in this week. One man was practicing for the Appalachian Trail and was planning to do a 9 mile hike with his huge backpack. 

Wednesday evening we had about a half-inch of rain and luckily missed hail. Sunday afternoon and evening we lucked out again; Killdeer, about 20 miles southwest, got hit hard with hail. Both storms went around us and all we got was rain. The hail picture is from the internet.

You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.  Killdeer hail 2 

The sky was beautiful after the storm though. 

We are finishing our camp host position tomorrow and moving on to another one.

For more pictures, please click here. For the more current ones, you will need to scroll down. It may take a while load.

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