Monday, April 11, 2016

Cliff Castle Casino, Camp Verde, AZ

We found Cliff Castle Casino through There is a separate area for RVs and for semi trucks. It’s a paved parking lot near the hotel on the bottom level, with the casino up a hill. We wanted to use this as our base for driving to some of the attractions in the area. 

We had Verizon 4G 2 bar cell service, and a lot of TV channels. We used our own internet, but it was slow and I’m not able to upload pictures very good, so I’ll have to add a few more once we get to a better area. We had rain off and on, and lots of clouds, so not too good for solar. Camp Verde is nearby with stores and a post office. The closest Walmart is south of Cottonwood, about 15 miles north.                     There’s a rose garden beside the hotel.

You can click on any of the above pictures to enlarge them. For more pictures, please click here.

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