Monday, March 21, 2016

Bouse, Arizona BLM boondocking

We’re at Bouse, AZ boondocking off Joshua Dr. There are BLM areas off Plomosa Road for quite a ways before you get to town; less off Joshua Dr. When we were here a couple of weeks ago for the Bouse Hills Muzzle Loaders Rendezvous with the jeep, we scouted out some parking spots.

We get Verizon 3G 2-3 bar cell service with the booster on. Four TV channels, one of which is Spanish. We’ve been able to get packages sent general delivery to the post office. We’re about 3 miles from the post office in town.There's a couple of stores to buy food. There are a couple of RV parks. We were told that the Bouse Community Park would be the cheapest for water and dump for boondocking. The refuse station for garbage is open Thursday-Saturday from 7-2. 

There’s a lot of 4-wheelers in this area, and it seems that they cross from camping on Plomosa Road over the cattle-crossing, past us, and then heading on in to town. We moved from one side of our dirt road to the other in hopes we can block the dust a little bit. We’ve had temps from the 70’s to 90s, wind, and some cloudy days which don’t help solar a lot. Other than the occasional 4-wheelers, it’s a pretty quiet place. We’ve heard coyotes at night and early morning, and of course, our  hummingbirds.


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