Saturday, December 19, 2015

Catalina Spa and RV Resort, Desert Hot Springs, CA

For those of you who like swimming pools and spas, I would assume you would enjoy the Desert Hot Springs/Palm Beach area of California. There are a lot of spa/hot springs resorts here. Catalina Spa and RV Resort is a Passport America participating resort, so that’s why we picked it. Resorts are not cheap here. It’s a very popular 55+ winter area. We had been boondocking for a while and I wanted to catch up with laundry, baking, mail, etc.

Catalina Spa’s sign advertises 285 sites, the Passport America site shows 482 sites. I believe this was a member-only park at one time, thus the remaining 285 are being rented. The Passport America rate is $22.50, full hookups. The park didn't seem like it was that large, but then it was probably only about half full too. They have two clubhouses and two pools. Most of the activities are at the upper clubhouse area. According to their calendar, they do have activities daily for the people staying there. I had called ahead of time to see if they had room, and when we got there we were able to pick a site we wanted and then went back to the office to pay. There’s varying lengths and levelness of sites.

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We stayed two days longer than planned, due to our mail not arriving in time (sent priority mail general delivery to the post office) and Curt ended up having to see a dentist and getting a wisdom tooth pulled. Such is life on the road.

For more pictures, including some of the papers from the park,  please click here.

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  1. That is one of our favorite parks, love the lower park and pool most.