Thursday, August 27, 2015

Traveling days - Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota

After leaving our kids in Minnesota, we decided to go to back to Dickinson through South Dakota since we’ve been on I-94 in North Dakota enough times. We went through Watertown, SD and stayed in their city park, Stokes-Thomas Lake City Park and Campground. I have a separate post with pictures for that park. 

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  IMG_8777 Giant corn gazebo                          
 IMG_8789  Sugar beets, which we didn’t know Minnesota grew.  
 IMG_8808 Gnometown, USA - I missed most of these as we drove by
 IMG_8903  Tiny church for travelers
IMG_8901            IMG_8928 Pheasant capital of the world
We talked about staying someplace between there and Bismarck, ND but ended up driving to Sweet Briar Recreation Area west of Bismarck and stayed there for two nights. We’ve always liked Sweet Briar; it’s free, it’s near the water, and we’ve been lucky that we’re usually by ourselves when we’ve been there during the week. 
 IMG_9027 Life size 32-piece cattle drive      IMG_9052   
IMG_9060 Salem Sue, world’s largest Holstein cow

From there back to Dickinson for a short visit with my Dad and my annual mammogram and physical exam (has to be at least one year from last one for insurance). We headed out to Buffalo Gap Campground, a forest service campground near Medora. I’ve got a separate entry and pictures for Buffalo Gap. Next stop was Camel Hump Campground near Sentinel Butte, ND. There aren’t marked camping spots, kind of like Sweet Briar, and it’s free. There are some picnic tables and rock fire rings. There were some people fishing while we were there. That, again, is right off I-94. There’s about a mile of decent gravel road. 

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