Thursday, April 2, 2015

Natchez Trace–The End, and Stones River National Battlefield

Before we left Meriwether Lewis campground, we stopped at the monument for him and the Grinder House where he died. There’s also a part of the original Trace there too.  We decided to keep on going instead of camping here for a few days, which would be nice since it’s free, but there’s a storm system coming in this afternoon and a more severe one tomorrow. So we finished the Trace, had some rain off and on in the morning, and went on to Stones River National Battlefield at Murfreesboro southeast of Nashville and kept going south. There was a weather alert for the Nashville area of severe storm with high winds and hail, so we took off south. There were a few small storms cells in between Nashville and Chattanooga, and a large storm going through Chattanooga as we were going south. We decided to stop at Manchester for the night. We ran in to some rain and wind, but nothing bad.

For those interested in the history signs and more pictures: Columbia/Centerville TN      Leipers Fork TN    Nashville TN    A you-tube video of Natchez Trace from the National Park Service.

Below is Meriwether Lewis’ grave site, the house he died in, and part of the old Trace.  It is unknown if he killed himself or if someone murdered him. The house is only open on weekends so we couldn't see inside.
IMG_5458IMG_5460IMG_5466  IMG_5469IMG_5472IMG_5478

The landscape is definitely changing. It’s much more hilly and twisty roads.

The double-arch bridge is the last item on the Natchez Trace. The Trace went for another 4 miles but had no more stops. After that we took the road underneath the bridge to Murfreesboro for the National Battlefield.

Stones River National Battlefield. We went to the Visitors Center and unhooked the Jeep and drove through the park with the Jeep. They have a cell phone tour to use at stopping spots. We didn’t get to the last two spots, there were not in this park area, and that’s when the weather alert went off. They have a 9-minute video in the visitor center and exhibits.

Spring is here~
IMG_5501IMG_5527IMG_5528IMG_5552IMG_5561IMG_5662IMG_5663IMG_5664IMG_5584  Happy Easter!

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