Friday, January 16, 2015

South Padre Island, Sea Turtles, Sand Castles, Port Isabel

We picked up our son and daughter-in-law from the airport at Harlingen and stayed overnight at Sunshine RV Resort near the airport yesterday, the 15th.  We have a one night reservation at the KOA at South Padre Island tonight. I’ll have a separate post on both of those campgrounds. There’s a lot of things to do in the Padre Island area depending on what you like and your what you are willing to pay. We planned mostly a day of sightseeing.

IMG_1897  IMG_1900  IMG_1908    IMG_1917  IMG_1922  IMG_1932  IMG_1943  IMG_1951  IMG_1955  IMG_1957  IMG_1965  IMG_1972  IMG_1985  IMG_1983  IMG_2001  IMG_2004  IMG_2013  IMG_2022 

Sea Turtle Inc. is a sea turtle rescue center. We weren’t able to see some of the area because it was cold out (temp below 55 degrees). They are a nonprofit organization with an income of donations and gift shop sales. It is free to go there, donations accepted. They have summer interns and volunteers.

IMG_2070  IMG_2040  IMG_2042  IMG_2046  IMG_2049  IMG_2066   IMG_2027  IMG_2071  IMG_2072   

We also went to the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center. I did a separate post on that, as we took a lot of pictures there.

IMG_2263  IMG_2258  IMG_2267    IMG_2268  IMG_2275  IMG_2284  IMG_2288  IMG_2289  IMG_2292   
Padre Jose Nicolas Balli statue, Queen Isabella Causeway memorial.
IMG_2298  IMG_2303  IMG_2302 

We drove back over the bridge to Port Isabel for some sightseeing. Port Isabel LighthouseFort PolkPirate's Landing.
 IMG_2329  IMG_2336  IMG_2332  IMG_2331  IMG_2333  IMG_2340                                  World's Largest Fly Fishing PoleIMG_2343  IMG_2341 IMG_2364
IMG_2346  IMG_2381  IMG_2355
El Cristo de los Pesadores memorial, below pics, translates to "Christ of the Fishermen" is located on south end of the Island at the Isla Blanca Park.
 IMG_2397  IMG_2400  IMG_2417
Supper at Pier 19, near the KOA on South Padre Island.
 IMG_2430  IMG_2432  IMG_2437  IMG_2446  IMG_2450  IMG_2457  IMG_2485  IMG_2493  IMG_2506

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