Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Big Bend Ranch State Park and Big Bend Resort, Texas

Big Bend Ranch State Park is located in far west Texas in the high desert setting of the northern Chihuahua Desert. It is Texas’ largest state park at over 300,000 acres. The original “ranch” started in 1905 and changed owners many times and added acres to it. Texas Parks and Wildlife purchased the ranch in 1988. The park opened on a limited basis in 1991 and fully to the public in 2007. There are a lot of areas where the public still cannot get to with vehicles. The elevation ranges from about 2,300 feet along the Rio Grande up to 5,135 feet at Oso Mountain. It cost $3/adult from May-October, $5 the rest of the year.

Big Bend Ranch State Park (3)  IMG_9336  IMG_9337  IMG_9395  IMG_9353  IMG_9354    IMG_9378  IMG_9361  IMG_9359 

A lot of the road follows the Rio Grande River. We can’t understand why people can’t just walk over sometimes, as this isn’t the Rio Grande and the GPS shows the blue line of the US/Mexico border and there is no water to worry about.

 IMG_9408  IMG_9410  IMG_9412 
IMG_9420  IMG_9424IMG_9434IMG_9458  IMG_9476  IMG_9486  IMG_9492  IMG_9494  IMG_9500  IMG_9503  IMG_9504  IMG_9523  IMG_9535  IMG_9473  IMG_9549 

This is the 15% grade that was noted in a sign above. There is a pullover spot on top of the hill that we took pictures from. the river is the Rio Grande, US/Mexican border.

IMG_9556  IMG_9559  IMG_9575    IMG_9584  IMG_9586  IMG_9593  IMG_9597  IMG_9602  IMG_9608  IMG_9617  IMG_9623  IMG_9645  IMG_9655  IMG_9653  IMG_9664  IMG_9678  IMG_9689  IMG_9703  IMG_9758  IMG_9740  IMG_9730

Big Bend Resort, Terlingua, Texas is one of the few campgrounds in between Big Bend Ranch State Park and Big Bend National Park. It cost $32/night with full hookup, 50 amp, cable TV and wifi. We paid more for the 50 amp as we wanted to run the air conditions since it’s hot today. The cable TV didn't work. We thought maybe it was our problem as we haven't used cable for a while, but the camper next door asked us as his didn’t work either.

Big-Bend-Resort--Adventures-Terlingu[5]  Big-Bend-Resort--Adventures-Terlingu[3]  IMG_9822_thumb5IMG_9823_thumb5  IMG_9826_thumb3  IMG_9830_thumb3 
IMG_9773_thumb3  IMG_9783_thumb3  IMG_9789_thumb5  IMG_9797_thumb3  IMG_9809_thumb3  IMG_9820_thumb3  IMG_9839_thumb3  IMG_9842_thumb3  IMG_9844_thumb3

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