Friday, September 19, 2014

Welcome to Wyoming, Sierra Trading Post, Cheyenne, WY

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Sierra Trading Post at Cheyenne, WY has truck and RV parking, and you are allowed to stay one night if you get permission from them. They have two different buildings; one is an order fulfillment center, and the other is an outlet store. They also have a nice walking area.

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The Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center is large and has a lot of displays and tourist information. There is a huge parking lot and a walking trail.The web site says there is an RV dump station and fresh water.

 IMG_3822  IMG_3824  IMG_3817  IMG_3839  IMG_3836  IMG_3841  IMG_3842  IMG_3851  IMG_3845  IMG_3846  IMG_3847  IMG_3863  IMG_3865  IMG_3867  IMG_3869  There is a geocache here that we never did find.        IMG_3870          IMG_3886 
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