Sunday, September 14, 2014

South to Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota

There are a lot of Roadside America attractions in South Dakota. IMG_2876  IMG_2882   IMG_2888  IMG_2892  IMG_2896  IMG_2898  IMG_2899  IMG_2904  IMG_2908  IMG_2912  IMG_2923  IMG_2927  IMG_2955  IMG_2956  IMG_2962  IMG_2966  IMG_2970  IMG_2977  IMG_2980  IMG_2986  IMG_2987  IMG_2994  IMG_3002  IMG_3005  IMG_3011  IMG_3016 
Wind Cave National Park visitor center has loads of information about the cave, the history, etc. We spent time there before and after the tour. It’s hard to take pictures during the tour, underground, so most of the pictures are in the visitor center. We took the Natural Entrance Cave Tour, $12, the only one offered at that time.
IMG_3019  IMG_3020  IMG_3028  IMG_3030  IMG_3048  IMG_3031   IMG_3032  IMG_3034  IMG_3035  IMG_3036  IMG_3037  IMG_3044IMG_3038   IMG_3049  IMG_3046  IMG_3051  IMG_3054  IMG_3056  IMG_3057  IMG_3071  IMG_3072  IMG_3075  IMG_3098  IMG_3101  IMG_3103  IMG_3118  IMG_3119  IMG_3146  IMG_3153  IMG_3159  Wind Cave NP (3)  Wind Cave NP (4)  Wind Cave NP (9) Wind Cave NP (8)
IMG_3176  IMG_3185  IMG_3188  IMG_3193  IMG_3202  IMG_3210  IMG_3227  IMG_3229  IMG_3243  IMG_3252  IMG_3249  Skeletal Metal Rancher Monument

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