Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy 90th birthday Dad!

We arrived at North Park Campground in Dickinson, ND on August 10th, initially had reserved a spot for 2 weeks and ended up  staying there 3 weeks. We aren’t able to park at my dad’s house. We were having a 90th birthday party for my dad on the 16th and all of his children (only 4 of us) and grandchildren (12) are coming. Only missing are 2 of the grandchildren’s spouses. My dad had everything reserved, food ordered, etc. I think he was pretty excited.

 IMG_9586IMG_9589 North Park Campground, $220/week, $34/night.
IMG_9596IMG_9597 IMG_0177
IMG_0616 IMG_0617  
IMG_9686Our family, minus a daughter-in-law IMG_9794
IMG_9705My brothers and I and DadIMG_9711and with in-laws
 IMG_9744 Great-grandpa and great-grandchildren, minus 1, who wouldn’t leave mom.IMG_9772Grandpa and all of the grandchildren, who live in North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Oregon, Texas and Virginia
. IMG_9733 IMG_0006 IMG_0010
  IMG_0065  IMG_9885 IMG_9887 Pictures in the shape of “90”
IMG_0191 IMG_0201 IMG_0271 IMG_0469 We took a drive in the country, they’ve had a lot of rain here too.
We left town on the 31st of August – starting our drive south…
IMG_0622 IMG_0640 IMG_0646

August in North Dakota

08/09/14: We're "back home" in North Dakota.

 Lots of construction, and lots of water here too

 World's largest buffalo on a hill at Jamestown, ND, with a live herd nearby.

 This was in the Bismarck Sam's Club parking lot. Above motorhome, jacks down, slides out, and grilling supper. Below, homemade camper, he was working on it that night.

 Sweet Briar Recreation Area, north of I-94. One of our favorite stopping spots because of being by the water, and luckily very few people.

 There were geese all over - you had to watch where you were walking

I think he bottomed out...

 Sunflower field, not yet ready for harvest
 World's largest holstein cow, Salem Sue, New Salem, ND

Lots of motorcycles, most likely on their way home from the Sturgis, SD motorcycle rally.

 The sculpture "Geese in Flight" is currently listed in the Guinness World Book of Records as the Largest Scrap Metal Sculpture in the entire world. This is off I-94, exit 72. If you take the highway through the town of Gladstone and to Regent, you are on the "Enchanted Highway" which has a lot of metal sculptures along the way.

Lots of "world's largest" on this highway!