Saturday, June 14, 2014

5/30/14: TeePee Campground, Jack Pine Lumber Show

 Grand Traverse Commons in Traverse City, MI, renovated Traverse City State Hospital. They do give tours of the unrenovated area, which we did not do. We couldn't even find a spot to park to go through the shops that are in the building.

Rooms starting at $49...
The Bear Company
Bumpety roads
We did get to drive near the water for a little while.
 Fruit trees for the markets and vineyards.

World's Largest Cherry Pie

 We waited for the road to go back down after the ship went through

Bay Harbor Equestrian Club, large fenced area, huge building.

Pirate mini-golf. 

Bike/walking path for many miles. 

 They divided the audience in half to cheer on their lumberjack.
 They did many difference challenges.
Little wooden chair made by one of the lumberjacks.

 It was a fun show!

 Tee Pee Campground, Mackinaw City, MI. We stayed there since it was near the water and you could see the Mackinac Bridge from it. But the mosquitoes were so bad, we couldn't stay outside.
How's this for a mosquito swarm? They were terrible.
Spray didn't make a difference.
This couple was parked closer to the water, hooked up and moved
with top up and  back slide out. The only thing we can think
of is that they wanted to get away from the mosquitoes. They moved farther back. 

Mackinac Bridge
It looks like fall colors in the trees, but it's the sunset.

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