Friday, May 23, 2014

05/14 – 5/17/14:  We decided to stop at Wheeling Island Casino at Wheeling, WV for a couple of days as the predicted storms go through. The whole country seems to be getting storms right now, no where for us to divert to. While here, maybe go to the greyhound races too. Wheeling is where our son and daughter-in-law got their rescued greyhound from. 

The GPS took us in the back route

We thought this was the race track area, but it's not
Some hail along with the rain, not much, but enough to see and hear
Rainbow after the storm
 The greyhound track area

The racing is on computers. I was expecting a big fanfare like the horse races we had been too, but it wasn't like that at all. 

 Bringing in the greyhounds

This is what the greyhounds chase

 The casino is in an old part of town.

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