Friday, May 23, 2014

4/11/14: DC, cherry blossoms and the zoo:

Our son, Dean, daughter-in-law, Valerie, and I took the VRE (Virginia Railway Express) to Washington, DC early in the morning as Dean was going to work and and Valerie and I were going to see the cherry blossoms, go to the National zoo to see the new baby panda bear, then meet Dean for lunch ,and then head back home. We've seen a few cherry blossoms here and there along the way, and I've been watching the DC cherry blossom web cam, and it looks like we hit it at a perfect day. They were beautiful! We got there before the vendors opened up and walked around and took pictures for a while, then took the metro to the zoo and walked some more. After that we took the metro back to DC and walked some more. I was totally worn out by the time we were done, but it was a great day!

The scaffolding is finally off of the Monument.

You can rent paddle boats to view the trees

Martin Luther King, Jr monument

 Smithsonian National Zoo

There were bus loads of kids there

Mom Mei Xiang

Baby Bao-Bao

Dad Tian Tian

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