Thursday, March 6, 2014

02/28 – 03/01/14  Louisiana

 Welcome to Louisiana!

Where the speed limit on the back roads is 55, not 80 like Texas

The first town as we crossed the river, over the border, had these large fish along the street

Logging country, something we didn't know about this state.

They don't like to tear down old buildings.

And some very nice houses across the road


This is what we remember of Louisiana - the swampy bayou water

 This town likes their pigs.

Hurricane evacuation route - good to know!

Look at the fence wire on this salvage yard.

Aww, nice temps

 Lots of big rivers, no shortage of water here.

Cleaning out the trees for farming.

 Nice houses

and really old barns.

Rodeo arena

Frogmore Farms, cotton gin, and they evidently give tours of slave cabins and old buildings. (We didn't know that ahead of time)

Small town USA

 Crossing the mighty Mississippi, the border to the next state, Mississippi

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