Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3/16 - 3/19/14: Perry, Georgia

The FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) is having their rally this week in Perry, Ga, which is about 40 miles from the campground we were at. We don't go to rallies as they're kind of expensive, but Curt found a person who programs CPUs and he will be at the rally. We found out we can stay at the Walmart in Perry overnight and meet up with him and we can go the rally for one day for $7 each. We got there on Sunday and it rained and rained. There are a couple thousand RVs at the Georgia Fairground for the rally. Some are lucky to be on asphalt, others are parked in the grass, and it sounds like there's little lakes all over from the rain. The rally has seminars, meals, entertainment, vendors and new/used RVs for sale.

Quite the festival!

 This is the Georgia fairgrounds where the FMCA rally is at. We drove by it on our way to Walmart. Rained all day Sunday. These are areas where RVs paid to park for the week.

Georgia National Fairgrounds
 More weekly parking. At least the sun came out.
 Some of the commercial vendors below.

Had to get Curt away from the helicopter drone.

There were some expensive coaches there.
Repo truck.

Sod truck. I hope the back pieces still grow!
We had a lot of company at Walmart. 

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