Tuesday, March 18, 2014

03/04 - 03/15/14, Wanee Lake Golf & RV Park, Ashburn, GA. A Passport America park, our rate was $16.05 (with tax), full hookups with 50 amp. There is unlimited stay.

 RV park to the left of the entrance and golf course
 Clubhouse, swimming pool, laundry, golf course to the right

 Someone had quite a smoky fire going during the day
 Curt was bored, and washed the rig

 Lots of trees in blossom
Next door neighbor cleaning out the trees?

 An old concession stand maybe?

Part of my walking path to avoid the golfers

 Some nice houses with back door to the course
I didn't walk on the weekends because there were so many golfers. Weekday mornings was usually the best.

 Turtles, above and below 
 This flag is where the golf ball is suppose to get to
 and it was just a wee bit short.
 We had some beautiful calm days. (And some cold, rainy.)

 Lots of lawn equipment.

 They were getting full for the weekend, so one of the for-sale coaches got moved to a different spot, even with the slide and door open.
 Propane delivery
 Not too often we see a Super Class C RV
 but 2 the same week was weird.
 And I've never seen anyone hauling an elephant before!!

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