Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quartzsite, AZ 2014:

Crossing over the Colorado River, into Arizona from California

 Any mode of travel works I guess

Dome Rock near Quartzsite, our boondocking site for 3 days

There are a lot of mine sites in the area, some are active gold mines

 LaPosa South, the area where the iRV2 forum rally is. The right pic is the line to go to the dump and water area. A couple of hours a day the line gets to about 12 vehicles in length.

 Our rally site, we had up to 34 rigs attending, but not all at one time. There was a large group though.

 And don't forget the pets. We were the minority without one.

Left, watching a windshield getting put in.

    Right, some windy, dusty days.

Geocaching in the desert.

 Road Runner, another 14-day BLM area south of Quartzsite.

      Lots of hummingbirds

        Beautiful sunsets

One couple had 3 cats.
This one was shaved like a lion.


                   A nighttime campfire

That's the view from the interstate bridge, northeast - all that white is campers

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