Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12/07/13 – Slab City & Salvation Mountain: I guess we expected worse than what we saw. We expected more old campers deserted all over. Yes, there is a lot of garbage, but some areas are clean. Since we spent a couple of months boondocking last winter, we saw a lot of different setups and camping. Those weren’t permanent situations though, where some of these at Slab City do live here year-round. I guess we’ve also seen towns or reservations that were no better either. The town of Niland, which you drive through, is really not much better, except it's mostly houses and not campers. Salvation Mountain is a project started by one man, Leonard Knight, in 1984. It is made of adobe mud and donated latex paint. There are volunteers keeping it up for him and they have work weekends once a month. We happened to be there on a work weekend and volunteers were just finishing up for the day. Here's some links to more information on Salvation Mountain and Slab City:

RV park

 Recycling center 
 Huge building, but empty

 For sale - probably could get it for a good price!

 There's 2 or 3 houses in town that have a green lawn
 School and library

The pictures above are the town of Niland, CA, which you have to drive through to go to Salvation Mountain and Slab City. It's also right on Hwy 111.

Slab City below

Lots of solar panels there

 Below pics are of Salvation Mountain

 This is the "camper" that Leonard lived in 

 Views of Slab City from the top of Salvation Mountain


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