Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11/17 - 11/30/13: To Holt's Shell RV Park, Gila Bend, AZ, accepts Passport America. No television channels. Waiting for UPS and post office general delivery packages. Working on solar. Desert walks. Working on pictures and blog. Happy Thanksgiving!


Doesn't look too clean to me

Lots of cattle!

Lots of irrigation

Solar panels - for at least a mile

Cotton bales above

Holt's Shell & RV Park. The RV park is behind the station. It's a very busy station, with lots of truck and travelers going through. Sometimes noisy at night.
There's a thing about metal animals around here.

The campground area, 25 sites

Behind the campground is desert. There is a fenced area that I walk along, a little over 2 miles.

We had rain for 3 nights, 2 days. Ugh. It soaks right away.
A Road Runner, who wanted nothing to do with me.
Quail are all over the desert here. Even coming in to the campground when it's quiet, as one of the campers puts birdseed out every day on the road through the campground. There's usually sparrows, mourning doves and quail.

We went into town, Gila Bend