Saturday, October 20, 2012

10/19/12: After checking out of the campground we decided to go to Lowe's in Somerset. Curt needed to return some things and we thought we'd catch up on some internet stuff since we didn't have really good reception at the campground. Spent most of the night trying to work out where we are going into West Virginia and Kentucky.

10/18: Went to the Flight 93 National Memorial, which the National Park Service is still in the process of building. Only family is allowed to go to the actual area where the plane went down, the memorial is beside it. From there we went to the Quecreek Miners Memorial. This is on the farm where they were rescued. The people there still farm and milk cattle; but decided to put up a memorial since people had been coming to see the area. They talk to all the people who come, show the movie that Disney made and explain what is true and what wasn't :)  They have a map of the mine there and explained what happened. they have the rescue chamber on site and some other artifacts from then.  Some Amish from Ohio put up their building, they couldn't get local contractors  to work with.  It was really interesting talking with them. I did buy their book when we left. I have read the book that the miners wrote, but this is from another perspective.

10/16: On the way to the Hickory Hollow Campground near Rockwood, PA we went through Punxsatawney. They have fiberglass statues of groundhogs (Punxsatawney Phil) painted throughout town. Again, not a very easy drive through town or parking availability for an RV. Parking meters downtown, but still very narrow streets, so we didn't stop. We saw advertising for Johnstown Flood National Memorial so decided to stop at that. It is a National Park Service site, so it was free with our National Park Pass, not that they checked. Otherwise it would have been $4/person. There was a film that showed what happened and we could see the area affected outside. Lots of people and some towns wiped out when the dam broke. Got to the campground around 4:00, in the bottom tier by ourself - nice. Curt wanted to do some work on the RV again and I wanted to wash clothes, so we decided to stay a couple days. With Passport America we can still through Thursday at only $14.50 a night. There's seasonals in one area, but this must be a relatively newer campground because they all look nice. A few campers on a top section.

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