Wednesday, June 13, 2012

6/07:  Thursday. Left the campground around noon and got to Dean's a couple of hours later. Pretty warm outside. We're not sure if we can plug in at his house; could be pretty warm inside too. Let the construction begin.

6/06: Wednesday. We stayed at R-D Family Campground, Milford, Virginia for the evening. Have about 60 miles to get to our son's place. We found out we can park in front of their house, so that will help a lot. It's almost impossible to find a reasonably priced campground near him. R-D Campground is a Passport America campground, also Good Sams. It is pretty old, washboard roads. We were leery of the electricity but tested it and plugged in and it was okay until the air conditioner kicked in; then everything died. Curt got it going again, but we weren't able to run the air conditioner with the hot water heater on, or much else. Very low water pressure. They have a rule that you can't wash your vehicles or use your washing machine. (They've got a laundry room.) There was road construction down the road until dark, and then right away in the morning.  Dogs barking. They had good reviews, but we won't stay there again.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6/04: Monday. More water brings more bridges, some large ones. We went on to Roanoke Island. Stopped at the visitor's center and got some information. Camp sites are very expensive in this area, and mostly booked now. It'll be harder with school out now. We went to the Roanoke Island Festival Park and parked there to walk around the water area. There's a couple blocks of eating/shopping places. Went to the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse, probably the smallest one I've seen. From there we went to the next island, not able to drive along the coast. There's houses or businesses on either side. Went to Kill Devil Hills to the Wright Brothers National Memorial. I always thought it was at Kitty Hawk, but it wasn't. Kitty Hawk is the next town over. It's an interesting place to visit, well worth the $4 each we had to pay. The pavilion was closed due to a storm they recently had. (Seems like every place we stop, something is always closed.) It's interesting, as a tourist place, these islands are not near as pretty or kept-up like some of the other ones. Maybe they're not that much of a tourist place.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

06/02: Saturday. New Bern, NC. We had thunderstorm warnings last night, but just got some rain and a nice breeze. Got up early to make sure we’d have room to park at the dragon boat races. Lol – we pretty much could park anywhere we could fit at 7:30 in the morning. The races were to start at 8:30. The venders were still setting up in the park. There were 3 sets of metal bleachers and some people brought some lawn chairs, a few wooden park benches.  There weren't a whole lot of people there.  It sounds like some teams had only gotten to practice together the day before, so, it was interesting. This is the first year they’ve done it, it should get better.

After the races we walked through the town and did some caching, taking pictures, went to the farmers market. All in all was a pretty good day and not having to pay for anything!  We had a lot of people looking at the RV as they walked by on the sidewalk; don’t think many of them had seen one before, interesting comments. New Bern had their 300th anniversary in 2010 and for that they had fiberglass bears painted and put around the town, which are still there. So we got pictures of those, and also they have painted fire hydrants in the historic district, and some beautiful old buildings.

Went to Washington, NC for the night. We’re going to work our way up to Kitty Hawk.