Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Went to Walmart to find some sunflower seeds this morning before we left. It evidently is more of a Midwest  thing, as it was hard to find. They do have a lot of jerky all over the store though.

As we were driving, some things we noticed:
A lot of people on the side of the road picking up garbage.
Dead possum on the road.
Lots of bridges.
Lots of trees. No wonder when people come to North Dakota, one of the first things they notice is lack of trees. I don't think we've found a state with as few of them as North Dakota so far.
Good highway on I-35.
Sonic food drive-ins. Didn't know anyone had drive-in's in any more.
Drive-up at a liquor store. Boy, that's been long gone too.

We're at Fort Smith in Arkansas tonight. We didn't make it in time for the visitor center, so maybe tomorrow morning we'll see what the history is of the town. We did get a geocache though. TV works. Tethering the phone to the computer works. Nice cool breeze tonight. It was up to 80 today, had to dig out the shorts and tank tops (and I do mean dig.)

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  1. Sonic's in the cities, and they have a drive thru liquor store in Fargo still I think... :)

    Calissa loves going through tunnels though!