Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We left Cottage Grove Monday around 11:30 after our granddaughter left for the bus for preschool. It snowed in the morning(!), but it was warm enough that it melted as it hit the ground. We took I-35 south; it was cold and windy. It must have rained quite a bit in Iowa as lots of places had water in the fields. It is so green! We stopped at Walmart in Osceola, IA.  Elevation 1129, 5:25 PM. Tethered the Droid to the computer for internet; kind of hit and miss tonight.

Tuesday, 4/17, when we woke up there was a semi parked directly in front of us. Guess that's what happens when you leave enough room in front of you in the parking lot. We stopped at the rest area outside of Osceola where there was free internet and did some searching on the internet for map routes and geocaches. More hills as we're going south and lots of trees. We've noticed more patrolmen in Missiouri also. Took 71 south out of Kansas City to head to Joplin. Wow, some crazy drivers! 73 degrees in Kansas City at 3:00. Warm and sunny today. We stopped at Walmart parking lot in Joplin, MO. Drove around Joplin to look at last year's tornado damage. Lots of new houses, but still a lot of damage. I can't imagine what the town has gone through. Tethered the phone again so we could get internet.

I've got pictures to add in here, but can't do it with our internet connection tonight, will have to try later.

But we're safe, weather is cooperating, and we're on the road!

The third picture is the visitor's center coming in to Iowa. The last three pictures are in Joplin, MO.

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